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Small Business Solution
PearlXP® EziVAT Pro                                        SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR VAT DEALERS


PearlXP® Stay Connected

Add-on for  PearlXP EziVAT. Get information in your Mobile while PearlXP EziVAT running at your work place.


PearlXP® EziVAT Supports USB Drive for Data Storage. 

PearlXP® EziVAT Benefits and Features

  • Simple and Powerful :  PearlXP EziVAT is a very powerful and  simple-to-use billing cum Inventory Management Software for small and medium enterprises as well as individuals.  PearlXP EziVAT can be operated by a person with basic computer knowledge.

    Minimum Hardware Resources :  No servers are required and there is no expensive integration – everything just works, on your Windows PC.

    Fast and Reliable  : EziVAT is designed for fast and continuous Billing.

    Unlimited Categories and Groups : PearlXP EziVAT offers creation of unlimited product Categories, Product Groups and Products. A wide range of invoice types provides complete flexibility for electronic management of inventory.

    Unlimited Invoice Types :  EziVAT offers creation of unlimited invoice types.  You can have separate invoices for Sales, ( Form 8 , Form8B,  or Van Sales, Counter Sales Etc).  Purchases, ( VAT Purchases, Purchase from unregistered dealers Etc), Quotations, Wastages, Stock adjustments (To add), Stock adjustments (To reduce) , Stock transfer (Inflow), Stock transfer (Outflow), Debit-note (Purchase returns), Credit-note (Sales returns), Service Billing Etc..

    VAT Ready : PearlXP EziVAT  is VAT enabled and have complete freedom to incorporate the VAT rate applicable in billing without worrying the periodical changes in VAT Rates.

    Multi Tax Rate Billing  : You can have multiple tax rate items in same Invoice.  No Need to Create separate voucher types for Sales and Purchases for entering items with multiple tax rates.

    Invoice Templates : PearlXP EziVAT is bundled with wide range of invoice templates for quotations, sales (Form 8), sales (Form 8B), GRN , transfer-note, delivery-note, debit-note, credit-note Etc.   PearlXP EziVAT supports multiple document printing for each type of billing. Eg. Print delivery-note along with sale bill, gate-pass Along with service billing Etc..

    Accounting Integration : PearlXP EziVAT is integrated with PearlXP Express Accounting.  No separate Accounting software is required for Account keeping. Each invoice will be posted to respective ledgers automatically as configured.

    Tax Returns : PearlXP EziVAT is equipped for E-Filing. You can export  any statements directly to Microsoft Excel for E-Filing.

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